Terry Gallant – Psychic, Clairvoyant, Palmist, Ordained Minister

Hi beautiful souls!🙂

I’d like to introduce you all to one of my incredible mentors and dear and trusted friend , Terry Gallant!

 terry (2)
Terry is an incredibly gifted psychic, healer, teacher, and counselor, and has made her name as an accurate, consistent, and heart centered seer in Atlanta, Ga.
Terry offers psychic readings and advisory, as well as healing sessions.
Her readings are truly an experience! She is consistent and accurate, and even awe-inspiring in her readings!
I have sent Terry numerous clients, and all have been as astonished and inspired, as I was upon my first reading with this beautiful, heart-centered, and gifted soul!
 Terry is available for weddings, private parties, counseling, classes, and individual or group work!


Terry is a member of The Palm City Chamber of Commerce, The American Board of Hypnosis(ABH), and The National Guild of Hypnotherapy (NGH).

You can reach Terry @ (404)-809-6840. She is based in Stone Mountain, Ga near Atlanta!

Terry and I also offer services together if you’d like to book us both for readings integrated with healing therapies, events, parties, workshops and more!

For more info email on booking us together domestically or internationally email  or call me me at:

DustyMurray@gmail.com (404)790-7711

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