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Dusty Murray ~ Yeshua Kai
Unconditional Reiki
High Priest, Reiki & Qigong Therapist/Master Teacher of Intuitive Reiki, Empath & Indigo Facilitator, Writer, Consultant
NC, Atlanta, South Ga, International

Services and Classes Offered:
  • Intuitive Reiki & Qigong Healing Therapies & Consulting – Enter into a deeply relaxing healing therapy based on ancient techniques utilizing channeled Qi, “life force energy” to increase inner peace, relaxation, remove energy blockages from the body, energy meridians, subconscious/emotional body, and aura. Sessions are described as deeply relaxing, peaceful, refreshing, empowering, and centering in nature.  Reiki and qigong healing often produces profound results, experiences, and conscious breakthroughs! Experiencing energy therapies from an intuitive practitioner who can pick up on your blockages is paramount, and a much different experience than what you expect with many new practitioners – my ability to tune in to your blockages and subconsciously held tension will help bring you amazing results and relief! Recipients feel energized, lighter, refreshed, more focused, and at peace upon completion of their session! Common Benefits Include: Release of subconscious, emotional, mental, and physical tension, stress relief, increased energy, immune response, focus, and more!  My sessions are unique and powerful and are a hybrid of kundalini, intuitive, and usui reiki, qigong, and various other spiritual techniques. I also offer remote/distance Reiki treatments and card readings via Paypal! Email or call me for more info!  ($50/hr – $70/90 minutes)
  • My Signature Therapy (Complete Qi Restoration) – My most thorough and powerful comprehensive healing session! This profound and unique full body session includes Chakra and Aura Clearing and balancing, Accupressure Techniques, Intuitive Usui & Kundalini Reiki, Bodywork, Shamanic Healing Techniques, Extensive Spinal and Meridian Energy Therapy, and a Comprehensive Intuitive Consultation and Chakra Reading! This is a great introduction to the amazing power of energy healing therapies incorporated with my intuitively guided bodywork/accupressure, and other unique techniques! Recommended for those who want or need an extremely powerful and thorough healing experience that emphasizes on details and problem areas within the energy field/aura/subconscious/emotions, as well as the tissues and energy meridians. ($100/hr  –  $120/90 minutes)
  • Reiki Integrated Session – Bodywork & Reiki – This full body session includes Reiki,and Intuitively guided bodywork to harmonize and restore the energy flow in the body and remove blockages and tension in the tissues, meridians, and body. This session is thorough, but is a step down in intensity from Complete Qi Restoration. Integrated sessions are recommended over standalone reiki sessions to anyone with excessive stress, tension, knots, or inflexibility. Book Complete Qi Restoration for more extensive meridian, energy, subconscious, and/or tissue-work.  ($80/hr – $100/90 minutes)
  • Subconscious & Emotional Release Therapies – Release of Present Life, Inner Child, and/or Past Life Traumas. Combing Intuitive Reiki, Accupressure, Bodywork, and guided breathing techniques I guide my clients to release subconscious and emotional trauma that is often manifested in the body as tension, knots, or pain. Much of the tension held in the body relates to much of the unresolved subconscious and emotional energy we are not often conscious of. Through my unique intuitive therapies you can find amazing relief for: PTSD, depression, compulsive behaviors/addiction, inability to think positively/mental tension, bodily held tension that remains even after massage or other bodywork sessions, lethargy, lack of focus/motivation, lack of clarity, inspiration, or purpose in life, and more!  ($100/90 minutes)
  • Customized Qigong, and/or Meditative Movement/Entrainment/Trance Dance Classes – Fulfill your soul’s yearning for a unique, exciting, and empowering meditation and/or meditative dance class that depending on your area of interest, may combine various meditative, meditative movement, qigong, reiki, yoga, tai chi, kundalini yoga, and other spiritual techniques! This class includes an introduction to reiki, instruction on how to feel and work with Qi energy and the human body subtle energy system first-hand, and also includes instruction on various techniques for increased awareness and tuning in to your intuition, innate gifts, and extra sensory perceptions! Learn how to utilize energy and intuition for healing, self-empowerment, transcendent first-hand experiences, and conscious exploration! ($25/hr)
  • Classes on Meditation, The Chakra System, Kundalini, Intuitive Development, Connecting to your Angels and Spirit Guides – Learn meditation techniques to further your experience and perception of Qi energy, the chakras, kundalini, your intuitive gifts, and spirit guides with a detailed and information packed class full of ancient techniques and practices! Includes introductions and practices to help you connect and work with the Spirit, your Angels, and your Guides. ($25/hr)
  • Comprehensive Intuitive Reiki & Energy Therapy Classes Plus Attunements for Usui & Kundalini Reiki (Level I & II Pricing: $140 (bundle discount) or $30 per class @ 5 classes total. (Reiki Master Certification Pricing:  $180 or $40 per class @ 5 classes total)  Each Class Includes reiki demonstrations and attunements, certification(s) to both kundalini and usui reiki systems, meditation instruction,  techniques on how to perceive energy, energetic blockages in the aura, energy field, subconscious/emotional body, and tissues. Includes techniques and information on building and maintaining your body as a more effective channel of energy! Upon completion, students will be armed with a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience on various energetic practices and techniques. All students are able to perform reiki on themselves and others for all of the above described benefits! Includes an optional introduction to crystal energy! Level 3 classes require Apprenticeship and committed dedication to the completion of at least 5 classes. Mastership may take more than 5 classes. Graduation depends on the student’s learning ability but can be done in as little as 5 classes! Contact for more details!
  • Crystal Healing & Body Layouts, Incorporated with Reiki ($80/60 minutes – $100/90 minutes)An indescribable experience combining reiki and the amazing power of crystals! Body layouts are an amazing way to experience the energy and effects of stones, while also enjoying the benefits and relaxation of energy therapies! Working with stones and crystals are amazing tools for Past-life recall, Lucid Dreaming, Chakra Balancing/Clearing, Emotional Release, Enhanced Meditations, and much more!
  • Home and Business Clearings – Clear and raise the energy of your home or business by the removing and clearing of negative energies and/or spirit entities! ($150)
  • International and/or Domestic Booking, Classes, and Consulting – Rates: $250/day + travel for a minimum of 3 days.

Dusty is a High Priest, Certified Master Teacher of Traditional Usui Reiki, Kundalini, and Intuitive Reiki and is also a teacher of Meditation, Qigong, and Mysticism.

Contact for Booking! I’m available for lectures, interviews, consulting, workshops, classes, parties, and healing therapies internationally! Email at, or call (404)790-7711 for inquires!!