Workshops – Classes on Meditation, The Chakra System, Qigong, Rhythmic Entrainment

“I love to see you move with the rhythm; I love to see when you’re dancing from within.” – Bob Marley

Fulfill your Spirit’s yearning for a unique, exciting, and empowering meditation and/or meditative dance class that depending on your area of interest, may combine various meditative, meditative movement, qigong, reiki, yoga, tai chi, kundalini yoga, and intuitively guided techniques! This class includes an introduction to reiki, instruction on how to feel and work with energy and the human body subtle energy system first-hand, and also includes instruction on various techniques for increased awareness and tuning in to your innate gifts and extra sensory perceptions! Learn how to utilize energy and intuition for healing, self-empowerment, transcendent first-hand experiences, and exploration! In my classes you’ll find a fun, laid back, and authentic learning experience for optimal enjoyment, well-being, conscious exploration, and creative fulfillment!

In my classes you will learn how to:

  • Tune into and perceive energy (chi, qi, prana, etc) first-hand via specific meditation, qigong, and intuitively guided techniques.
  • How to move unhealthy energy out of the body via reiki/qigong techniques, breathing, meditation, and movement.
  • Remove energetic blockages and tension from the body, chakras, and the energy meridians.
  • Quiet the mind and experience the magic of meditation integrated with movement, conscious breathing, and sustained concentration techniques.
  • Develop sensitivity and heighten your range of perception and ability to enter into meditative movement/trance! Learn how to ‘tune in’  to your own innate gifts!

This class is is very unconventional and depending on the student’s area of interest may include detailed guided meditation techniques, stretching/yoga,  qigong, breath work, bouncing, shaking, dance, guided movement, and more! This is an amazing class for those interested in opening and maintaining the harmonious energy flow of vital life energy within their body, and is great exercise for the mind, body, and higher perceptions!

Classes are very in-depth and informative and progressively work to continously expand experience, knowledge, and consciousness.

If you’ve never experienced meditation, energy, meditative dance, or elevated perceptions, you are likely to be very surprised, while learning a lot and also have a ton of fun!

Class duration is 60 minutes.

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Available for private healing sessions and class bookings in Los Angeles and Internationally.

A lot of material is covered in each class! Classes can be tailored for your individual wants and needs!

Classes are Currently $20/Hr (Local) or contact me to RSVP for a free demo class

Contact for rates on domestic or international booking!

Contact: – (404)790-7711



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